This domain name is available to lease in its entirety, to do whatever you want, for only $50/month. If you sell SeaRay parts or accessories, you can't do much better or simpler (easier to remember) than this. Or, maybe you want it for your club, or to start a club. Add $15/month, and I'll host it also with  100 megs of webspace included.

Or, you can get an email account

Why not have an email of, to show your allegiance to your vessel. You can use it as a seperate pop3 email account, which you can configure your current email program to utilize, or just have it forward to your current email account. Unlike, you can have something nice and simple like aforementioned We don't have as many users in total as AOL gets every second of the day, so you get something nice and simple, like your name, for a measly price of $12 / year.


You came here, didn't you?

Email here for details or to see if your name is available, or if you want to lease domain.